Villa Lorenza Resort in Nagcarlan, Laguna

[Let me share my most uncomfortable but still memorable trip to all of you. :D]

Six months ago, we went to a majestic resort in Barangay Sinipian, Nagcarlan, Laguna named Villa Lorenza Resort. On the 15th of April, we [my family] started off in Manila to meet up with our friends [Nilibre lang kami. hahaha] which hired a jeepney for our trip- a jeepney that I will curse for the rest of my life, really. We then passed-by the South Luzon Express Way (SLEx), and thanks to our driver which I think is on crack, we were led to the Alabang-Zapote exit! Grabe! Luckily, we managed to return to SLEx immediately. Later on when we reached Calamba Crossing area, our driver didn’t turned to the right and went straight forward! Gusto yata kami iligaw non! Because of that, we went on circles, passing through Lecheria and other barangays, to reach the National Road. After some minutes, we were OFFICIALLY LOST somewhere in Calauan, Laguna. Thanks to our driver again! Fortunately, the road that we passed in Calauan offers very beautiful sights such as Mt. Banahaw, Mt. Cristobal, Mt. Kalisungan, and other mountains and hills that I can’t name.

Calauan Pineapple

Calauan Pineapple

Mt. Cristobal

Mt. Cristobal (background) as seen from Calauan – San Pablo Road

After several back-aching hours (Kaskasero kasi yung driver!), we have finally reached the city of San Pablo, Laguna. I saw the grandeur cathedral in the city plus a view of Mt. Banahaw. From San Pablo City, we made our way to Nagcarlan through a thrilling, narrow, winding road. We saw the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery and the Nagcarlan Municipal Hall which was adorned and colorfully-lighted because Nagcarleños were celebrating their Ana Kalang Festival. We reached the resort AT NIGHT!!!

Excitedly, we walked down in a steep road and, allured by the sound of gushing water,we entered this brightly-colored place with a bridge and a beautiful, clean river flowing beneath it. There were cottages near the bridge so we thought it was the resort already.

Nagcarlan, Laguna


So Clean, So Good!

What we thought of as a resort was actually a FUNERAL HOME!!! Well, I was impressed in that funeral home, para talagang resort!

We went out of that funeral home and immediately went to our true destination- the Villa Lorenza Resort. The sound of gushing waters, dim lights amidst the darkness, the hooting of owls, gentle mist in the air, the scent of burning leaves, bats hovering above the river; well, this resort looks like a funeral home!!! Hahaha! But as you enter the almost-creepy gates, you will eventually see the actual resort, a NORMAL resort. Karaoke noise sounds everywhere, a barkada swimming around the pool, nice cottages, colorful air-conditioned rooms, well this is paradise! Since it was already dark, we just decided to swim tomorrow morning. The night was extremely cold! We didn’t even use the air-con and we were still shivering as we sleep! And, take note, it was April- the hottest month in the Philippines! I remembered this post I read on facebook weeks ago:

Guy: Pare, ang init kapag summer, ano?

Nagcarleño: Ano yung summer???

We started going around the resort at about 8 a.m. The resort and the river / batis were purely amazing. The water was so refreshing and freezing that you can make your drinks and fruits cold by dipping them in the water!

A Resort in Nagcarlan

Villa Lorenza Resort

A resort in Nagcarlan


The Villa Lorenza Resort has indoor swimming pools and a river besides the resort complex. You can choose to swim in either the pools or the river. POOLS ARE SO MAINSTREAM. 😀

A resort in Nagcarlan


Hey, that’s me!

Mineral water, anyone?


water’s so clean!!!

A resort in Nagcarlan, Laguna

What in the world are these insects?!

Going against the current 😀

The water gushing from the mountains was truly refreshing! Pebbles on the riverbed tickle your feet too. The only thing that you wouldn’t like your feet to stumble upon are river crabs [I caught a river crab while swimming!].

So clear!!!

aliw-iw ng batis

Amazed and satisfied, we decided to leave the resort at about around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.


Mt. Cristobal

Nagcarlan, Laguna

road to the parking lot

I will try my best to return to Nagcarlan, Laguna to explore its other resorts and landmarks, especially the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery!


One thought on “Villa Lorenza Resort in Nagcarlan, Laguna

  1. Wahahaha, I really cant remember any funeral home there, btw, My tita owns the resort, thanks sir for visiting our place, hope you had a great time there, probably its the adjacent resort, batis ng sinipian

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